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We are blushing!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Editor, Retiree Advocate:

I enjoy your newsletter. I particularly appreciated Will Parry’s August comments regarding gun violence in America. I keep looking for someone besides Sarah Brady or Michael Moore to call these gun people out. The political cowardice on this issue is staggering. Mr. Parry is correct. We can pray and raise our hosannahs to the sky…and then just wait for the next blood bath.

Until the NRA is put in its place, and the Second Amendment is revisited with the aim of making it comport to 2012 instead of 1776, we will remain awash in firearms.

Thanks again, Will!

PSARA Actions – Mayor & City Council

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

PSARA meets with Mayor McGinn

Members of PSARA meet with Seattle mayor Mike McGinn

Photo by PSARA member Garet Munger

Seattle City Council supports Caring Across Generations campaign

Seattle City Council supports Caring Across Generations campaign

Photo via Flickr user seiuhealthcare775nw

More than 100 supporters, including a number of PSARA members, gathered in the Seattle City hall after the Seattle City Council passed unanimously the resolution in support of the Caring Across Generations (CAG) campaign. The passage of the resolution means that the city of Seattle will lobby at the state and federal level for policies and legislation that will implement the five point program of the CAG campaign and will encourage other political jurisdictions to adopt the same position.