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Labor Organizations

Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Statewide coalition of labor unions for political action and education on workers’ issues., Seattle: 206-281-8901; Olympia: 360-943-0608

County Labor Councils

County coalitions of labor unions for collective political and job action:


America’s Union Movement, national coalition of labor unions,

Labor Constituency Groups

Worker advocates within the labor movement:

Labor Archives of Washington State

Funded by the Washington State Labor Council, the ILWU Longshore Division, the Harry Bridges Labor Center at the University of Washington, and many more labor unions and and individuals.

Senior Services and Information

Community Advocates


Washington State

  • Toll-free Legislative Hotline for messages to legislators and Governor: 1-800-562-6000
  • Governor Jay Inslee,, 360-902-4111
  • Washington State Insurance Commissioner (SHIBA) State Health Insurance Benefits Advisor and Consumer Advocacy: 1-800-562-6900,
  • Washington State Attorney General, Consumer Protection: 1-800-551-4636,

City of Seattle

  • Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens: 206-684-0500
  • Senior Information and Assistance: 206-448-3110; 1-888-324-2277


United States Representatives

Regional Offices

Senior Centers

  • Central Area Senior Center, (206) 726-4926
  • North Shore Senior Center, (206) 487-24411
  • Ballard NW Senior Center, (206) 297-0403
  • Senior Center of West Seattle, (206) 932-4044
  • Shoreline Senior Center, (206) 365-1536
  • Southeast Senior Center, (206) 722-2768

Other Useful Resources

“They Represent You,” a nonpartisan resource published by The League of Women Voters,