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Dear Editor

My partner, Mike Fitzpatrick and I would like to take advantage of your Letters column to thank all the PSARA members who helped during the Referendum 74 campaign in support of marriage equality. Many volunteered at phone banks and many more engaged in discussions with friends and neighbors to persuaded the undecided to vote ‘yes’. And on November 6th your efforts prevailed.

On the evening before Dec 6th my partner and I joined the long line queuing up at the County Courthouse about 10 pm. We were the 134th couple in line. By midnight when the doors opened there were 177 couples on the street. By 3 am we had our marriage license and a special certificate of congratulations signed by the county executive, Dow Constantine. By the end of that first day nearly 500 same-sex couples had filed for marriage licenses.

On Wed. evening Dec 19th our kids joined us for a ceremony to make legal, finally, the state’s recognition of the ceremony we had 22 years earlier at Wallingford United Methodist Church. So, thanks to PSARA members’ support of ‘family values’, 500 newly-married couples in King County have helped Washington state make history.

Chuck Richards, PSARA Board member

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