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Growing Our Membership

By Susan Levy, PSARA Outreach Vice President 

We are proud that we have gained 126 new members in the first six months of 2014. Over 70 were recruited or gifted by executive board members and the rest came from you. Thanks for your efforts to help grow PSARA. And welcome all of you who are new members and thanks to all of you who renewed your membership. We are only as strong as our members.

Currently we have 1,260 individual members and 59 organizational members. That makes about 1,330. That’s wonderful but we could be even larger and stronger. If we recruited another 126 members in the last six months that would make us about 1,500 strong. Or if each current member could recruit just one more member, that would give us a membership over 2,500.

Will you help? Will you ask a friend or relative to join? Or will you give a gift membership to a friend or relative? Or will you please share your copy of the advocate with a neighbor and ask them to consider joining?

Each small action will help PSARA grow larger and stronger. Thanks so much for what you’ve already done, and I hope you can help find one more new member.

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