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Health Care Access for All

By Mike Andrew

“Wanted to let everyone know we had a great hearing this morning for HB 1321 in the House Health Care Committee,” EOI Senior Policy Analyst and PSARA member Tatsuko Go Hollo reported in a February 20 email.

“We had wonderful testimony from a representative for the community and migrant health centers, a nurse at Harborview, a representative from the chronic care services community, and a retiree advocate (PSARA Executive Board member Ronnie Shure)…A huge THANK YOU to all that worked to find folks to testify.”

While HB 1321 did not advance to the floor of the House for a vote, effective committee testimony is a way to prepare legislators to pass a similar measure in an upcoming session.

HB 1321, with its Senate companion bill, SB 5305, was a bill “Declaring the intent for all Washingtonians to have health care coverage by 2020.” The bill aims to close loopholes in the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA or Obamacare).

Along with other organizations PSARA is deeply involved in the “Health Care is a Human Right” coalition, advocating for the passage of this important legislation, among other issues. While the ACA was certainly an advance that has reduced the number of Americans without health insurance to all-time lows, many individuals were left out and others find it hard to access coverage they’re theoretically entitled to.

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