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Honor Will, build PSARA

In this issue of the Retiree Advocate, we remember our mentor, friend, and comrade Will Parry.

Unlike some PSARA members who worked with Will for decades, I knew him, of course – everybody knew Will – but I only had the opportunity to work closely with him in the last 18 months when I came aboard as associate editor of the Advocate.

During that time I saw Will mainly as a journalist, and he was one of the great journalists. Will wrote in a plain, straightforward style, with humor, yes – Will had a sparkling sense of humor – but without any frills or rhetorical flourishes of any kind.

Will wrote that way because he always had a purpose in mind. Will wanted to change the world. And he believed that we were the ones who were going to have to change it.

Will wrote with absolute confidence that ordinary men and women could understand even the most complicated problems, and once they understood, could get together and solve them.

Will meant for the Advocate to have a role in that process of change. He wanted it be a tool for organizing.

Will envisioned PSARA members taking the Advocate to their friends, neighbors, and co-workers, pointing to an article, and saying “Look, did you hear about that? What are we going to do about it?”

No individual can fill Will’s shoes, but as we honor him by continuing his work, let’s use the Advocate in the way Will envisioned it being used, and let’s build PSARA, the organization he devoted so much time and energy to.

You can help.

Please use the coupon below to renew your PSARA membership and subscription to the Advocate, or better yet, give a subscription to someone you know, and get them involved in PSARA. Or as Will said, just find us a millionaire.

— Mike Andrew

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