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Mark Twain said it… “Action speaks louder than words, but not nearly as often.”

Join PSARA today and you’ll have the opportunity for both bold action and thoughtful words.

In the last few months, PSARA has marched for immigrant rights on May Day, we rallied with port truckers fighting for decent wages and working conditions, we stood with postal workers facing workplace

closures, we picketed with Macy’s workers fighting for a fair contract, and we were there for hospitality workers fighting for job security at the Space Needle and

demanding a fair process for organizing at Hyatt at Olive 8.

But you won’t find PSARA members only on the picket line. We have helped to build forums on Social Security, the Caring Across Generations campaign, and a state bank, and we have relentlessly lobbied our elected representatives.

PSARA’s monthly Retiree Advocate wrote the story of Bain Capital four months before the President’s reelection campaign took it up. The Advocate has featured ongoing coverage of the Keystone Pipeline fraud, as well as reporting on all of PSARA’s campaigns.

And you know what? You can help. Become one of our 2012 goal of 275 new members today.

Already a PSARA member? Is it time to renew your membership? Or maybe sign up a friend or neighbor. That can be as valuable as walking the picket line because our members make all our actions and our words possible.

Mark Twain would tip his riverboat pilot’s cap to you.

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