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New Members — and Chocolates

By Susan Levy, PSARA Outreach Vice President 

Welcome to all our new members. So far, 75 lucky people have joined PSARA this year.

Thanks to all of you who gave gift memberships or recruited friends and family. We will all benefit from this growth. Our new members will get the benefit of up-to-date news and information in the Advocate, and all of us will have a stronger voice as we move forward with our agenda — a safe and secure retirement now and in the future.

Just think. If we grew by 75 members in the first quarter of 2014, by the end of the year we should have over 300 new members — what a growth spurt!

I think we can do it, do you?

Some new ideas have emerged about recruiting/gifting new members. I talked to my neighborhood librarian, gifted her a membership, and she will put the newsletter out for library patrons. Do you have a library or community center that might display our newsletter or publicize our events? A person I met at the MLKing Day celebration gifted his parents a membership. Or you could host a small coffee or tea and ask your neighbors to join. Please let me know any other ideas you might have. And, as always, PSARA is willing to help you think of ideas and/or provide materials.

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