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PSARA Election Notice

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

At our December 20 holiday party and general membership meeting, we will elect/re-elect a number of PSARA officers. The position of Outreach Vice President is open. Additionally, the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and eight Executive Board members will be up for election.

We need people who are willing to put in some time to help PSARA be an effective community-based organization. If you are interested in donating time to PSARA, to help lead and represent PSARA for the next two years, call the PSARA office (206) 448-9646 and leave your name. Someone from the Election Committee will call you back, explain the duties of the position and confirm your interest.

Living up to our new name

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Since June 21 PSARA has been Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action. Our new name emphasizes our commitment to advocacy and action.

That’s a commitment we take seriously, and even before we changed our name, we’ve lived up to that commitment. Since June 21, PSARA has definitely been in action.

We’ve presented the Seattle City Council with more than 3000 postcards in favor of the Caring Across Generations campaign, participated in a conference to plan new community support for Walmart workers, and marched in the annual LGBT Pride parade.

But “action” is not only collecting signatures, walking a picket line, or marching for equal rights. Sometimes, one-on-one actions are just as meaningful and just as important in the long run.

One of the most important things we can do is to help add new PSARA members. Our goal is to add 275 new members this year. That’s an ambitious goal, but we can do it if we’re willing to live up to our new name.

Wherever we are, in our day-today lives, at the store, in our churches, when we visit friends or relatives, why not bring up PSARA and see if we can’t sign up a new member? That way we build our organization, our numbers, our resources, and our ability to take action in the future when we’re called on to protect our interests or to support our allies.

Even if you don’t have regular contact with some of your friends and relatives, you can give them a PSARA membership and connect them with a new world of political analysis, advocacy, and action. And of course, if your membership is up, please renew it today.

– Mike Andrew

We’re the same feisty PSARA — only the name has changed

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

By Robby Stern and Will Parry

We’re still the same activist, feisty, out-front PSARA we’ve always been. That hasn’t changed. That’s not going to change.

All that’s changed, upon the unanimous recommendation of our Executive Board, and resoundingly ratified at our June 21 General Membership Meeting, is the name of our organization.

We’re now the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action. Note that the new name keeps our familiar and widely-respected PSARA initials.

The membership also ratified the changes needed to bring our By Laws into conformity with our new circumstances.

The change was made necessary when the national Alliance for Retired Americans determined that PSARA’s use of the name “Alliance for Retired Americans” and the associated logo was “in contravention of a licensing agreement between the Alliance for Retired Americans and the AFL-CIO, which holds the Trademark for the use of the name and logo.”

The national ARA advised us that the AFL-CIO has given permission to sub-license these marks to ARA’s state organizations (in our case, the Washington Alliance for Retired Americans) but that this sub-licensing does not extend to affiliates or subchapters of the state organization.

In a letter signed by ARA President Barbara Easterling and Executive Director Edward F. Coyle, detailed instructions are set forth for the establishment and operation of any “subchapter” affiliated with a state ARA. The letter specifies how any “subchapter” must be named and declares that “subchapters will NOT have the authority to set up a separate organization, collect money and solicit membership for the subchapter.” (Emphasis in original.)

The letter also states that “subchapters can NOT have their own separate program and/or activities — they must move in coordination on both timing and messaging with the WA State Alliance.” (Emphasis in original.)

The Executive Board determined that the restrictions on “subchapters” were inconsistent with the independence and progressive agenda that PSARA has established over our 12 years of existence. We have a cordial and supportive relationship with the Washington State ARA but we have maintained our own program, our own bank account and our valued relationship with PSARA members and allies. The Executive Board was unwilling give up our independence and make the changes necessary to become a “subchapter”. The PSARA membership at the June membership meeting adopted the recommendation of the Executive Board.

PSARA’s relations with the Washington State ARA have always been and will continue to be cooperative. We do not intend to let anything in the national ARA’s directive damage that relationship.

It is our intention to continue as an affiliate of the Washington State ARA as a community based organization with now more than 1,200 members. We will also continue our affiliation with other organizations with whom we are affiliated. We also may choose to affiliate with other organizations in the future if it will further our progressive goals .

PSARA and its predecessor organization, the Puget Sound Council of Senior Citizens, have a history of active participation in civic life going back to 1981. We proudly affiliated with the national ARA upon its founding in 2001. At that time, the national president of the ARA, George Kourpias, personally presented PSARA with our charter at a founding meeting.

We were stunned that after our twelve years of loyal affiliation with ARA and our exemplary support for its goals and those of the national AFL-CIO, that the ARA and the AFL-CIO would decide, in the midst of a critical election year, with the integrity of Social Security and Medicare on the line, to defend the sanctity of trade marks.

We are undertaking the legal and organizational steps made necessary by the ARA directive. But our focus remains on our mission. We fully intend to move on and to continue to build our organization and the progressive movement with which we are aligned.

Wanted: Summer Soldiers

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

No, not the kind Tom Paine’s phrase made infamous – not the kind ready to desert the fight when the weather turns icy.

We’re talking about you – our members. We need your help to achieve our 2012 goal of 275 new members.  The year 2012 is half gone – in mid-June we’ve signed up just 84.

Do the math, Sisters and Brothers.  We need to double that pace, starting now – and we need to sustain it right on through autumn and the holiday season.

Gift memberships count. People of all ages that you sign up count. Any breathing human being counts who’s ready to come across with fifteen bucks for the best non-award winning newsletter in the state – maybe in the Northwest.

PSARA is getting a new name:  Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement ActionLet’s translate the word “action” into new members.

We’ve got a base of 1200 wonderful members.  It’s time to pump some juice into that old slogan:  “Every member get a member.”

Time to get off the couch, or the lawn chair, or the beach blanket.

Time to shoulder our muskets. Time to be summer soldiers.

— Will Parry

We have a new name

Monday, June 25th, 2012
PSARA members vote on a new name and listen to Jay Inslee

Photo by PSARA member Garet Munger

PSARA members listen intently during the proceedings of our June general membership meeting. They voted, overwhelmingly, to change the name of our organization to the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA) – Uniting Across Generations for a Secure Future. They also heard from Jay Inslee, the Democratic candidate for governor and what his vision for Washington will be if he is elected governor. (June 21, 2012).

More about the name change:

On June 21st, the PSARA general membership voted to support a unanimous recommendation from the PSARA Executive Board to adopt a new name for our organization, and to approve Bylaws changes that express our changed circumstances.

The new name “Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action”. Note that our familiar brand, PSARA, is unchanged.

The Executive Board also recommended a new tag line which will follow the name – “Uniting Across Generations for a Secure Future”. (No membership action was required to adopt the tag line).

The change is necessitated by a directive from the national ARA stating that the name “Alliance for Retired Americans” and the associated logo are copyrighted. The name and logo may only be used by a state ARA affiliate. According to the national ARA, regional and local ARA organizations, such as PSARA, may not use these copyrighted materials.

After twelve years of affiliation, the ARA has determined that the Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans did not fit the organizational model mandated by their legal documents. They have offered to pay all costs associated with our name change.

Regional or local ARA organizations, such as PSARA, may not be affiliated directly with the national ARA. The new Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action will continue our affiliation with the Washington ARA.

A negotiating committee of PSARA officers tried to negotiate a resolution of the issue of our name with minimal disruption. There will be an adjustment period as we take the necessary legal steps to change our name and get use to a new name but not a new brand, i.e. PSARA.

In many ways the new name more accurately describes who we are. PSARA is an activist multi-generational organization uniting to create a secure future for all of us, seniors and the generations to follow.