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Thank You Anita and Mary!

Anita Nath and Mary Anderson are leaving the PSARA Executive Board for the time being.

Mary represents PSARA with the Seattle/King County Aging and Disability Advisory Committee as well as actively lobbying elected officials on behalf of PSARA. Not a retiree, Mary’s work has become more demanding and she feels that she needs to devote more time to her business. Mary will be performing some administrative functions in the PSARA office that are necessary to maintain the organization. She also plans to continue her activism in lobbying legislators and other elected officials on behalf of PSARA.

Anita was the youngest member of PSARA’s Executive Board! She is now in law school at Seattle University and holding down a half-time job with the Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union (UNITE HERE Local 8). Anita has been a spark plug in talking to young people about why they should care about Social Security and Medicare. She expresses a lot of love for PSARA and will continue as the administrator of PSARA’s facebook page.

We are deeply appreciative of the commitment of these two smart and committed women!

In February, we will introduce our new Executive Board members.

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