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The scientists are right

By Will Parry Yes, there was a heat wave in March, running in a broad swath across the United States, from the Upper Midwest to the Northeast. Weather stations reported that by March 21, more than 2,200 daily high temperature records had been broken. International Falls, Minnesota, “the Icebox of the Nation,” exceeded its all-time […]

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Emergency rooms confront chaos

By Rap Lewis Hospital emergency rooms across the country are dealing with a spike in psychiatric emergencies – attempted suicide, severe depression, psychosis – as states slash funding for mental health services while the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression takes its toll. The harrowing story is spelled out in a three and a […]

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Festival honors Bread and Roses strikers

By Lynne Dodson  The first ever US MayWorks festival is being launched in Washington State including art, video, theater, workshops and lots of music. And this inaugural celebration is dedicated to and inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Bread and Roses strike and victory. In 1912, Lawrence, Massachusetts textile workers launched a militant strike […]

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A bill to revitalize America

By Alex Stone Enactment of the “Rebuild America Act”, introduced by Iowa Democratic Senator Tom Harkin, would do more to help the American economy and revitalize the middle class than any other bill currently before Congress. This sweeping legislation would boost employment by investing in infrastructure upgrades, promoting U.S. manufacturing, and ending tax breaks that […]

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While millions…

…of working Americans get sick and suffer and many face bankruptcy because they have no insurance, no doctor, no money for prescriptions, nothing but staggering medical debt… a few – let’s call them the 1% — have come up with a new strategy to prolong their parasitic lives. For a mere million bucks or so, these privileged folks can have […]

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