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Any old millionaire will do…

By Will Parry – Repreinted from The Retiree Advocate, April 2006

Martin Luther King, Jr. is justly revered as a selfless champion of the poor and oppressed. Dr. King might find it ironic that Martin Luther King, Jr. County — the county now named for him — is overrun with millionaires.

TNS Financial Services, a British market research firm, reports that Martin Luther King, Jr. County now has 65,536 millionaires. Among the nation’s 3,140 counties, our county ranks twelfth. We’re even ahead of New York County, with its pathetic 62,773 millionaires.

For some reason, we’ve never met a real millionaire. Maybe one of our readers could put us in touch with one. With all those thousands of millionaires in the neighborhood, there ought to
be one millionaire ready to bankroll the Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Ameri- cans. We wouldn’t need the whole mil- lion – just a couple thousand a month.

Any old millionaire can reach us at 2800 First Avenue, Room 262, in Seattle, right here in Martin Luther King, Jr. County. Our phone number is (206) 448-9646

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