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Bob Shimabukuro Appointed to Executive Board

The Executive Board voted to appoint Bob Shimabukuro to the PSARA Executive Board subject to a vote by the general membership. Bob retired from numerous occupations including freelance writer / editor, community organizer, woodworker, artist-craftsman and restaurateur / chef. He has been a volunteer in progressive change work for more than 50 years including farm worker rights, anti-Vietnam War, anti-apart- heid, and most recently in Asian / Pacific Islander(API) community-building work in Seattle.

Bob is the founding member / director of the Asian Pacific AIDS Council, an education and prevention group in the API community. He has written extensively on his brother’s bout with AIDS.

He authored the book Born in Seattle: The Campaign for Japanese American Redress, published by the University of Washington Press. He constructed the award winning Wing Luke Museum exhibit “EO 9066: 50 years before and 50 years after” which covered the century of Japanese Americans in the U.S. Executive Order 9066 was the presidential order which allowed the military to “exclude” anyone they deemed a security threat from the west coast which led to the incarceration of over 120,000 Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans.

We are privileged to have Bob join the PSARA Board.

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