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Questions for Seattle Candidates

PSARA does not endorse candidates for political office. However we have an obligation to keep our members informed about issues important to them. We will make your answers available to our members by newsletter and/or our web site.

Please be brief in your answers. Keep to the maximum number of sentences, lines provided with each question. Please have your responses to us by August 30, 2013.

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    1) Transit

    A) What are the three most important steps you would take to provide a safe, efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly transportation system for all our residents?

    B) PSARA is a member of the Seattle Transit Riders Union. Do you support the goal of a low income transit fare comparable to the existing senior fare and how would you fund such a fare? Please provide a ONE SENTENCE explanation of your answer.

    2) Low Income Housing

    What do you see as the most important step the City of Seattle should take in the next two years to assure more low income housing for Seattle residents and Seattle seniors?

    3) Police accountability

    What do you see as the most important next step Seattle should take to ensure that our police force is accountable to the public and uses fair and equitable policing practices?

    4) Campaign Finance

    Do you support public funding of campaigns for city offices (yes or no)? Please provide a one sentence statement of your support or opposition that you would be proud to use in advocating your position.