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Caring Across Generations: What will 2013 bring?

By Susie Levy and Araceli Hernandez 

Our Caring Across Generations campaign has made huge headway in Washington and across the country this past year. Last February 11th, Seattle hosted our Care Congress, a town-hall event, with over 200 people at the Greenwood Senior Center. We began the conversations, story-sharing and movement building that has propelled our campaign forward.

At its core, Caring Across Generations is talking about respect and dignity. We all deserve respect and dignity, and we have the capacity to receive it in our homes. Caring Across Generations seeks to transform care in this country by moving federal legislation to create 2 million new, quality jobs in home care; improve access to affordable care and support services; develop career advancement models and a path to citizenship for domestic and home care workers.

Here in Washington, 2013 will be the first year that we take our campaign to Olympia! Please mark your calendars and plan to join us on March 28th for lobby day, were we will be talking to our lawmakers about how we can transform care in Washington state by:

It will be a wonderful day to connect with people from across constituencies, generations, and the state!

We know this is a long-term campaign, and see 2013 as a year of opportunity to continue to build our movement. We will continue to fight to protect and expand Medicaid, Medicare and Social

Security, and will also be demanding comprehensive immigration reform, supporting the caregivers and domestic workers whose own families and security are threatened by separation every day. Having gained the support of Senators Cantwell and Murray, we will begin to take our campaign to our congressional representatives.

By respecting our seniors enough to protect and expand the systems that allow them to remain at home, we care across generations. By ensuring the rights of people with disabilities to live in their own homes, we care across ability. By working together we care across the divisions that inhibit our nation’s progress.

Susie Levy is lead organizer for Washington State Caring Across Generations and Washington Community Action Network. Araceli Hernandez is Program Director for Casa Latina. Both are PSARA members. 

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