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CASA Latina: Partners for the next generation

By Araceli Hernandez—Program Director at Casa Latina and a PSARA member

For the past year and a half, PSARA has joined forces with CASA Latina in Seattle to build the Caring Across Generations Campaign. CASA Latina members have learned so much from our collaboration and the relationships we are building, and we wanted to share with you a bit more about CASA Latina.

CASA Latina was founded in 1996, with the mission of empowering the Latino community through education and employment opportunities. CASA Latina has many different programs, though we are most known for our Day Worker Center, which connects employers with day laborers and domestic workers. CASA Latina members come to the workers’ center each morning, and while they wait for work, they have the opportunity to take English classes and participate in vocational and safety trainings.

This February, we will be launching our first training for private-pay care givers, responding to the needs that we have found through our involvement with Caring Across Generations.

In addition to employment and educational programs, CASA Latina is building a powerful base of workers, organizing to stop wage theft, demand immigration reform, and transform care in the US.

One of the most powerful roles CASA Latina plays is preparing trained and competent workers for employers to hire. If you ever need help in your yard, or someone to clean your house, please call CASA Latina to hire a worker!

To hire a worker, call 206-956-0779. To learn more about our care giver training, call Veronique (ext 119).

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