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We have a new name

Monday, June 25th, 2012
PSARA members vote on a new name and listen to Jay Inslee

Photo by PSARA member Garet Munger

PSARA members listen intently during the proceedings of our June general membership meeting. They voted, overwhelmingly, to change the name of our organization to the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA) – Uniting Across Generations for a Secure Future. They also heard from Jay Inslee, the Democratic candidate for governor and what his vision for Washington will be if he is elected governor. (June 21, 2012).

More about the name change:

On June 21st, the PSARA general membership voted to support a unanimous recommendation from the PSARA Executive Board to adopt a new name for our organization, and to approve Bylaws changes that express our changed circumstances.

The new name “Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action”. Note that our familiar brand, PSARA, is unchanged.

The Executive Board also recommended a new tag line which will follow the name – “Uniting Across Generations for a Secure Future”. (No membership action was required to adopt the tag line).

The change is necessitated by a directive from the national ARA stating that the name “Alliance for Retired Americans” and the associated logo are copyrighted. The name and logo may only be used by a state ARA affiliate. According to the national ARA, regional and local ARA organizations, such as PSARA, may not use these copyrighted materials.

After twelve years of affiliation, the ARA has determined that the Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans did not fit the organizational model mandated by their legal documents. They have offered to pay all costs associated with our name change.

Regional or local ARA organizations, such as PSARA, may not be affiliated directly with the national ARA. The new Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action will continue our affiliation with the Washington ARA.

A negotiating committee of PSARA officers tried to negotiate a resolution of the issue of our name with minimal disruption. There will be an adjustment period as we take the necessary legal steps to change our name and get use to a new name but not a new brand, i.e. PSARA.

In many ways the new name more accurately describes who we are. PSARA is an activist multi-generational organization uniting to create a secure future for all of us, seniors and the generations to follow.