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Forums on Strengthening Social Security

PSARA, in cooperation with several other organizations, is sponsoring two exciting Social Security forums entitled “Social Security: Preserve It, Strengthen It, Pass It On”.

On June 4, at 7 p.m., at Bethany United Church of Christ, 6230 Beacon Ave. S, Seattle, Terry O’Neill, National President of NOW, Rep. Adam Smith, and Economic Opportunity Institute Policy Director, Marilyn Watkins will be the featured speakers.

On June 5 at 7:30 p.m., President Terry O’Neill, Rep. Rick Larsen and Marilyn Watkins will speak in Bellingham at the Syre Center on the campus of Whatcom Community College, 237 W. Kellogg Rd.

This election season provides an opportunity to focus our advocacy on gaining the support from our Congressional delegation for strengthening Social Security. Three of the eight Democrat elected officials in Congress, Reps. McDermott, Larsen and Smith, have agreed to co-sponsor the “Strengthening Social Security Act.” In the House, the bill number is H.R. 3118. In the Senate, it is S.B. 567. We are working to get support for this legislation from our entire congressional delegation. It is time for our elected officials to face the realistic needs of a 21st century Social Security program. The election season provides a unique opportunity to seek their co-sponsorship when the elected Representative are among us seeking our support.

Social Security is becoming an increasingly critical program to assure seniors and other qualified recipients that they can lead lives with a modest level of economic security. The failure of voluntary retirement savings programs and the precipitous decline in defined benefit pensions has elevated the importance of Social Security benefits. The demographics of Social Security recipients now, and even more so in the years to come, points to the particular importance of Social Security to provide an economic foundation for women and people of color.

The two forums will provide up-to-date information on the present status of the Social Security Trust Fund and the efforts at the national level to pass the “Strengthening Social Security Act.” We will express appreciation to the elected representatives who have already agreed to co-sponsor, and we will be asking attendees to take action to make sure that those who have not yet signed in favor of the Act hear from us.

We ask PSARA members to help turn out as many people as possible to the two forums. The more people are educated on the realities of our Social Security system, the more effective we can be in our efforts to preserve and strengthen Social Security. Please attend and bring a neighbor or friend who would benefit from learning more.

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