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Help PSARA Grow!

PSARA’s Executive Board has committed to an aggressive goal for growth in 2014. Each of the twenty nine PSARA Executive Board members has committed to enlisting at least five new PSARA members in 2014. They will accomplish this goal by either recruiting new members or giving the gift of membership to someone(s) they know. (This monthly newsletter is a pretty nice gift!)

Now we are asking our PSARA members to help. If each PSARA member recruits or gifts at least one new member this year, our effectiveness in fighting for retirement security for present and future seniors will increase.

Recruiting or gifting one new member is not a daunting task. Just think about it. Who do you know that would appreciate receiving this monthly newsletter? If each of you signed one new member to our rolls, we would greatly increase the number of people getting the information in this newsletter. We would increase the number of people who could act collectively to promote economic and social justice, environmental sustainability, economic security and equal rights and opportunities for retirees and future retirees.

You will be hearing about this campaign and how we are doing as the year progresses. Please help make our membership campaign successful! If you need help recruiting a new member let us know. Call the office or email us at Or if you need more membership forms or information, just ask. With your help this will be a great year for PSARA.

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