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Here We Grow

By Robby Stern

Fifty-two years ago, when I began my life as an activist, I needed the guidance of others to figure out how I could be most effective in changing those things that seemed wrong. It was a time of segregation and vicious racial discrimination. I came from a family that had suffered terrible things in Germany. I was first generation in the U.S. and my family history had awakened me to the horrors of segregation and racial discrimination.

I also believed that our country could do better. Inspired to participate by the combination of idealism articulated by Pres. John F. Kennedy and the incredible bravery of the mostly young black but also young white women and men who were challenging the terrible barriers of that time, I became involved.

That was my first conscious awareness of the power of organization. The more people that could be mobilized and inspired to take action, the greater hope we had of being able to make the changes that needed to be made.

Fast forward to today. The same principles hold true. Our communities, our country and our world desperately need repair. PSARA is committed to contributing to the efforts to fix some of the huge problems we face.

If we are determined, thoughtful and if we grow we can be more effective in trying to repair our world. If more people read this newsletter and are informed through it, if more people decide to take the next step and participate with us, and if more people decide to take responsibility for the health and well being of PSARA, we will be more effective.

In our January Executive Board meetings we set a new membership goal for the coming year. This year we have set a goal of 250 new members.

Please help us reach our goals for growth in 2013! Reach out to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. Give the gift of PSARA membership.

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