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Kucinich stirs the crowd at Highline

Dennis Kucinich raised the rafters at Highline Community College April 12 with a ringing call to defend and strengthen Social Security by “scrapping the cap” on taxable earnings.

The arbitrary limit of $110,100 on annual earnings subject to the 6.2 percent tax enables everyone earning more than that arbitrary figure to escape contributing a fair share toward funding the program, Kucinich pointed out at the rally, sponsored by Social Security Works Washington.

The Ohio Congressman assured an enthusiastic crowd of more than 250 that “Social Security is not going broke…Its $2.6 trillion trust fund can pay 100 percent of benefits through 2036 without any changes whatsoever.”

Neither benefit cuts nor a raise in retirement age are necessary, Kucinich said. With a job-creating national manufacturing policy, a single payer health care system, and an end to the wastage of trillions of dollars in destructive wars, Social Security’s solvency would be guaranteed far into the future, he said.

Other rally speakers were Pramila Jayapal, executive director of OneAmerica; Marilyn Watkins, policy director, Economic Opportunity Institute; Magdaleno Rose-Avilia, executive director, The Latino Equality Initiative; and Deanna Kirkpatrick, a victim of multiple sclerosis who relied on Social Security while fighting the disease..

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