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Living up to our new name

Since June 21 PSARA has been Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action. Our new name emphasizes our commitment to advocacy and action.

That’s a commitment we take seriously, and even before we changed our name, we’ve lived up to that commitment. Since June 21, PSARA has definitely been in action.

We’ve presented the Seattle City Council with more than 3000 postcards in favor of the Caring Across Generations campaign, participated in a conference to plan new community support for Walmart workers, and marched in the annual LGBT Pride parade.

But “action” is not only collecting signatures, walking a picket line, or marching for equal rights. Sometimes, one-on-one actions are just as meaningful and just as important in the long run.

One of the most important things we can do is to help add new PSARA members. Our goal is to add 275 new members this year. That’s an ambitious goal, but we can do it if we’re willing to live up to our new name.

Wherever we are, in our day-today lives, at the store, in our churches, when we visit friends or relatives, why not bring up PSARA and see if we can’t sign up a new member? That way we build our organization, our numbers, our resources, and our ability to take action in the future when we’re called on to protect our interests or to support our allies.

Even if you don’t have regular contact with some of your friends and relatives, you can give them a PSARA membership and connect them with a new world of political analysis, advocacy, and action. And of course, if your membership is up, please renew it today.

– Mike Andrew

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