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PSARA’s holiday miracle gift

In this holiday season, where in the world could you find, for fifteen dollars, twelve gifts that will arrive monthly throughout the year 2013?

With each gift providing a package of news, analysis and comment from people actively engaged in tackling the real problems of real people.

With each gift adding another new member to the ranks of the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action — the outfit that works, not only to protect and expand our earned benefits, but for economic justice and a better world.

Where indeed, if not by way of a one-year gift membership in PSARA , including 12 lively issues of The Retiree Advocate?

We’re signed up 183 new members so far this year.  That’s real progress —  but we need to reach our goal of 250.  With the help of our devoted readers and members — with your help — there’s still time.  Let’s ring in the New Year with victory!

So break out those address and phone lists of family, friends and co-workers.  Surely there are one or two or more — natural candidates for PSARA membership among all those good people!

Simply make that $15 check to PSARA.  Use the convenient coupon on page 11 of this issue.  Your gift will start with the next issue of The Retiree Advocate and keep right on brightening her/his mail box, month after month after month…

And you’ll be building PSARA, one member (or more) stronger for every battle that lies ahead.

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