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Ryan and Romney: Bosom budget buddies

By Robby Stern 

“The House Budget and my own plan share the same path forward.” 

— Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

What exactly is this House Republican budget plan authored by Representative Paul Ryan, passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and endorsed by Mitt Romney?

The following information is provided by the national Alliance for Retired Americans.

The House Budget plan:

• Ends Medicare as we know it.

• Repeals the Affordable Care Act.

• Decimates Medicaid and cuts Social Security.

• Cuts and/or eliminates most low-income programs.

• Provides tax cuts for the wealthiest.

• Increases military spending.

Here are some of the details:

• Makes all Bush tax cuts permanent.

• Maintains the capital gains tax rate at 15% – no Buffet Rule.

• Maintains the current FICA cap at $110 thousand dollars – no scrapping the cap.

• Reduces tax rates for the wealthy to 25%.

• Reduces other tax rates to 10%.

• Cuts the corporate tax rate to 25%.

• Eliminates taxes on overseas profits

The total reduction in revenues over 10 years is $10 trillion with huge savings to the wealthy 1% – estimated at $400,000 per year.

The spending cuts in the Ryan Budget plan are overwhelmingly applied to low-income programs. They are estimated to include over ten years:

• $2.4 trillion in cuts to Medicaid and health care

• $134 billion in cuts to food stamps

• $463 billion in cuts to other mandatory programs for low-income.

• $291 billion in cuts to low-income

discretionary programs

• $2 trillion in cuts to other social pro-grams

And what are the human costs of the Ryan/(Romney supported) budget?

• 17 million low-income people lose

access to health care through the

Affordable Care Act.

• 14 million to 27 million low-income Americans lose Medicaid coverage by 2021.

• 2 million eligible children are denied access to Head Start.

• 1.8 million women, infants and child-ren lose food and healthcare support through WIC.

• More than 1 million students lose access to Pell Grants.

• More than 400,000 low-income fami-lies lose housing vouchers.

The Ryan House-approved budget cuts Social Security benefits; cuts funding for the Social Security Administration; makes Medicare a voucher program; delays Medicare eligibility from age 65 to age 67; and slashes Medicaid, including nursing home care for the frail elderly and people with disabilities.

This proposal passed the House on March 29. Ten Republicans (none in Washington) and all Democrats voted “no.”

The proponents of this budget are engaged in out-and-out class warfare. We in PSARA have the task of educating everyone we can about what these defenders of the 1% are doing.

We propose another vision for our country. That vision calls for the creation of good family-wage jobs; quality and affordable health care for all; retirement security for seniors and the generations to come; investment in education and our crumbling infrastructure; and safe and affordable housing for all.

Our mandate is to achieve these goals in the face of a determined and well-funded opposition.

“Those who do not know their history are like a ship without a rudder.” 

Now more than ever, we need to know our history so we can move forward, overcome the attacks of the 1% and avoid the mistakes of the past.

Read Mark McDermott’s article on page 6. Then join us May 14 at an interactive workshop as we explore the historical roots of the victories and defeats of the 99%.

As we struggled to achieve greater economic opportunity and security, democratic rights for working people and a fair tax system, what worked and what did not work? What strategies were employed (like the Ryan Budget proposal) by the 1% to push us back and what can we learn to help us move forward in the coming years? Let’s learn together and then act together.

Join us at our interactive workshop, let’s learn together… and then let’s act together.  Monday, May 14th, UFCW 21  1:30 – 3:30 pm 5030 First Ave S  Seattle, WA

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