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‘Step by Step’

By Will Parry

I’d like to nominate a hymn-like anthem from the labor movement as our theme song for the 2012 Membership Campaign.

It’s called “Step by Step,” and the words are taken from the preamble to the constitution of the United Mine Workers of America.

The song begins: “Step by step the longest march can be won. Can be won. Many stones can form an arch. Singly none. Singly none.”

Think of every man or woman who signs up as a “step” bringing us closer in our “march” toward our goal of 275.

Or as an indispensable “stone” in building our “arch” of increased membership strength.

The Mine Workers’ anthem concludes with this expression of the power generated by people working together toward a goal:

“And by union what we will

Can be accomplished still

Drops of water turn a mill

Singly none. Singly none.”

No one member is going to get those 275 new members. But “by union what we will can be accomplished still.” Each new member we sign up is that “step,” that “stone,” that “drop of water” that will make all the difference.

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