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In Memory of Edie Koch

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Edie Koch, our hard working, capable treasurer for many, many years, passed away quietly in her daughter’s home in June after a long and painful struggle with cancer. Edie requested that there be no memorial, no designated charity, no fuss. Fortunately, Edie’s daughter Melanie provided loving care and even met Edie’s standards of fine cooking. Anna Marie Palermo, a PSARA member and devoted friend, provided support, help, rides, and connections to others. Edie was a strong, loyal, vocal, and dedicated volunteer with PSARA. Additionally, she was much loved by her fellow residents at Michaelson Manor. She led the resident council for a time and fought back against injustices proposed by the Seattle Housing Authority. Edie was much admired for her courage and strength in speaking out for her fellow tenants. Having struggled with finances as a single mother, Edie was very aware and sympathetic to others’ economic needs and felt a duty to help them.

Edie was a steady, reliable, and cost-conscious treasurer for PSARA. First recruited by Will Parry, she saw her work grow over the years as PSARA has grown. Since Edie became too ill to work, we have needed two additional PSARA members to do her job.

We remember Edie with love; we hope our efforts can match hers and can bring about some economic justice to our brothers and sisters who struggle with financial burdens they did not create.