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Government Relations Committee to Query Candidates

Monday, April 1st, 2013

By Tom Lux and Chuck Richards, PSARA Governmental Committee Co-chairs

Our members deserve to know how candidates for local office feel about issues that are of great concern to PSARA members. To help keep our members informed the Government Relations Committee (GRC) will be developing a short questionnaire for local political candidates.

This year we will be concentrating on only a few races: the Seattle Mayor, Seattle City Council, King County Executive,
and King County Council. If this educational process proves worthwhile, as we think it will, we may expand the scope in the future.

We would like you to be involved in developing our process. If you have any questions related to PSARA issues that you would like us to ask the candidates let us know. The GRC will review all the questions submitted and select a few of the best to query the candidates.

We also welcome your input on how you would like to learn the results of these candidate questionnaires.