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Growing Our Membership

Monday, July 7th, 2014

By Susan Levy, PSARA Outreach Vice President 

We are proud that we have gained 126 new members in the first six months of 2014. Over 70 were recruited or gifted by executive board members and the rest came from you. Thanks for your efforts to help grow PSARA. And welcome all of you who are new members and thanks to all of you who renewed your membership. We are only as strong as our members.

Currently we have 1,260 individual members and 59 organizational members. That makes about 1,330. That’s wonderful but we could be even larger and stronger. If we recruited another 126 members in the last six months that would make us about 1,500 strong. Or if each current member could recruit just one more member, that would give us a membership over 2,500.

Will you help? Will you ask a friend or relative to join? Or will you give a gift membership to a friend or relative? Or will you please share your copy of the advocate with a neighbor and ask them to consider joining?

Each small action will help PSARA grow larger and stronger. Thanks so much for what you’ve already done, and I hope you can help find one more new member.

Save the Date!

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

In early June, PSARA, Social Security Works Washington, local community groups and labor unions will sponsor two Social Security forums, entitled “Social Security: Preserve It, Strengthen It, Pass It On.”

On June 4, at 7 p.m., at Bethany United Church of Christ, 6230 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, Terry O’Neill, National President of NOW, Rep. Adam Smith, and Economic Opportunity Institute Policy Director, Marilyn Watkins will speak.

On June 5 at 7:30 p.m., President Terry O’Neill, Rep. Rick Larsen and Marilyn Watkins will speak at Whatcom Communtiy College, Syre Center, in Bellingham.

These will be interesting and exciting forums so please mark your calendars. More information will be sent through the PSRA email list.

Our Power and Theirs

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

By Mike Andrew 

On April 2, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission that political donors should be able to give maximum donations of $2,600 to as many candidates as they want.

Together with their previous ruling in the Citizens United case, this puts the Supreme Court squarely on the side of the 1%.

I don’t know about you, but I rarely have so much money to spend that I can donate $2,600 to even one candidate, much less have to decide whether to fund 50 candidates or 100.

Money is the power of the 1%. We can’t compete with that. They know it, we know it, and the Supreme Court knows it.

Working people have our own source of power. It’s no secret. There are a lot more of us than there are of them.

Out job is to harness our power by bringing together like-minded people and getting ourselves organized.

That’s why PSARA’s membership campaign is so important. We can build a real alternative to the power of the 1%.

It will take some work to do it, but we’ll give you all the support you need. Use the coupon below to renew your membership, or give a membership to a neighbor or friend.

New Members — and Chocolates

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

By Susan Levy, PSARA Outreach Vice President 

Welcome to all our new members. So far, 75 lucky people have joined PSARA this year.

Thanks to all of you who gave gift memberships or recruited friends and family. We will all benefit from this growth. Our new members will get the benefit of up-to-date news and information in the Advocate, and all of us will have a stronger voice as we move forward with our agenda — a safe and secure retirement now and in the future.

Just think. If we grew by 75 members in the first quarter of 2014, by the end of the year we should have over 300 new members — what a growth spurt!

I think we can do it, do you?

Some new ideas have emerged about recruiting/gifting new members. I talked to my neighborhood librarian, gifted her a membership, and she will put the newsletter out for library patrons. Do you have a library or community center that might display our newsletter or publicize our events? A person I met at the MLKing Day celebration gifted his parents a membership. Or you could host a small coffee or tea and ask your neighbors to join. Please let me know any other ideas you might have. And, as always, PSARA is willing to help you think of ideas and/or provide materials.

Ambitious Plans

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

At its January meeting, the PSARA Executive Board laid out ambitious plans for 2013. Specifically, the board called for us to add 250 new members to our rolls.

This may seem ambitious, but it’s perfectly doable if we remember why we joined PSARA.

Maybe we heard about it from a friend, maybe we saw an issue of The Retiree Advocate and were especially interested in one of the articles, maybe we met a PSARA member at an event – or on a picket line. However we became PSARA members, there are many people just like us who will want to join up – if they get the opportunity.

Let’s give them that opportunity! Invite a friend, neighbor, or co-worker to join PSARA, or give them the gift of a PSARA membership and let them see for themselves why you are a PSARA member.

Here We Grow

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

By Robby Stern

Fifty-two years ago, when I began my life as an activist, I needed the guidance of others to figure out how I could be most effective in changing those things that seemed wrong. It was a time of segregation and vicious racial discrimination. I came from a family that had suffered terrible things in Germany. I was first generation in the U.S. and my family history had awakened me to the horrors of segregation and racial discrimination.

I also believed that our country could do better. Inspired to participate by the combination of idealism articulated by Pres. John F. Kennedy and the incredible bravery of the mostly young black but also young white women and men who were challenging the terrible barriers of that time, I became involved.

That was my first conscious awareness of the power of organization. The more people that could be mobilized and inspired to take action, the greater hope we had of being able to make the changes that needed to be made.

Fast forward to today. The same principles hold true. Our communities, our country and our world desperately need repair. PSARA is committed to contributing to the efforts to fix some of the huge problems we face.

If we are determined, thoughtful and if we grow we can be more effective in trying to repair our world. If more people read this newsletter and are informed through it, if more people decide to take the next step and participate with us, and if more people decide to take responsibility for the health and well being of PSARA, we will be more effective.

In our January Executive Board meetings we set a new membership goal for the coming year. This year we have set a goal of 250 new members.

Please help us reach our goals for growth in 2013! Reach out to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. Give the gift of PSARA membership.

An infusion of new leadership

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

At the recent PSARA General Membership meeting, the recommendations of the PSARA Elections Committee were approved unanimously by the general membership. Susan Levy was elected as PSARA’s new Outreach Vice President. Susan has been serving on our Executive Board and has been coordinating our outreach discussions since our former Outreach Vice President, Bette Reed, became gravely ill. (Bette and Chaya Burstein, our first political cartoonist, were remembered with a moment of silence at our membership meeting.)

Newly elected Board members include: Imogene Williams, a long time PSARA volunteer and indefatigable grass roots activist; Mike Warren, a former member of the Board who also serves as President of the WA Alliance for Retired Americans; Richard Champion, who is active with the 30th Legislative District Democrats , an officer of the King County Democrats and an active member of Social Security Works WA Education Committee;
Kristen Beifus, Executive Director of the Washington Fair Trade Coalition and on the board of the Backbone Campaign as well as Sweat Free Communities/International Labor Rights Forum and Debby Corr, a long time Seattle grass roots activist and a retired teacher and Seattle Education Association member.

Reelected as officers for another term are Frieda Takamura, our Recording Secretary and Edie Koch, our hard-working Treasurer. Relected to the Board are Mary Anderson, Rick Erickson, Frank Irigon, Vivian Lee, Gene Lux, Anita Nath, and Magdeleno Rose Avila.

Our Executive Board is now composed of 25 members. All of these volunteers deserve appreciation for the time they donate to make PSARA a feisty and effective organization!

Calling all independent thinkers

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

By Mike Andrew

In our November issue, I remembered Sen. George McGovern, who died October 21.

This month, I have to remember another iconic figure of the 1970s, but one on the other side of that decade’s political divide – Nixon’s Solicitor General Robert Bork.

Bork was the hatchet man in the infamous “Saturday Night Massacre.”

On October 20, 1973, Richard Nixon ordered his Attorney General, Elliot Richardson, to fire the special prosecutor investigating the Watergate break-in. Richardson resigned rather than comply. Richardson’s deputy, William Rukleshaus, also resigned rather than follow Nixon’s orders. Finally Bork, then the third in command at the Justice Department, fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox.

A federal judge later found the firing to be illegal in a suit brought by Ralph Nader. It was one of the reasons the Senate rejected Bork when Ronald Reagan appointed him to the Supreme Court in 1987.

“All I will say is that I carried out the President’s directive,” Bork explained. In other words, “I was just following orders.”

If you like following orders, you may not want to join PSARA. On the other hand, if you’re an independent thinker, if you like knowing the facts, making up your own mind, and acting on your decisions, you might want to join with other like-minded people and sign up.

Your membership donation helps us to produce the Retiree Advocate and bring you twelve issues full of hard-hitting articles, most of them written by PSARA members. You’ll also be invited to participate in PSARA forums and discussion groups, to join with other independent thinkers and come to a common understanding about the problems we

face. And you’ll have the opportunity to act on that understanding – whether we join a picket line, or a phone bank, or lobby our elected representatives.

PSARA’s holiday miracle gift

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

In this holiday season, where in the world could you find, for fifteen dollars, twelve gifts that will arrive monthly throughout the year 2013?

With each gift providing a package of news, analysis and comment from people actively engaged in tackling the real problems of real people.

With each gift adding another new member to the ranks of the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action — the outfit that works, not only to protect and expand our earned benefits, but for economic justice and a better world.

Where indeed, if not by way of a one-year gift membership in PSARA , including 12 lively issues of The Retiree Advocate?

We’re signed up 183 new members so far this year.  That’s real progress —  but we need to reach our goal of 250.  With the help of our devoted readers and members — with your help — there’s still time.  Let’s ring in the New Year with victory!

So break out those address and phone lists of family, friends and co-workers.  Surely there are one or two or more — natural candidates for PSARA membership among all those good people!

Simply make that $15 check to PSARA.  Use the convenient coupon on page 11 of this issue.  Your gift will start with the next issue of The Retiree Advocate and keep right on brightening her/his mail box, month after month after month…

And you’ll be building PSARA, one member (or more) stronger for every battle that lies ahead.

Wanted: Summer Soldiers

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

No, not the kind Tom Paine’s phrase made infamous – not the kind ready to desert the fight when the weather turns icy.

We’re talking about you – our members. We need your help to achieve our 2012 goal of 275 new members.  The year 2012 is half gone – in mid-June we’ve signed up just 84.

Do the math, Sisters and Brothers.  We need to double that pace, starting now – and we need to sustain it right on through autumn and the holiday season.

Gift memberships count. People of all ages that you sign up count. Any breathing human being counts who’s ready to come across with fifteen bucks for the best non-award winning newsletter in the state – maybe in the Northwest.

PSARA is getting a new name:  Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement ActionLet’s translate the word “action” into new members.

We’ve got a base of 1200 wonderful members.  It’s time to pump some juice into that old slogan:  “Every member get a member.”

Time to get off the couch, or the lawn chair, or the beach blanket.

Time to shoulder our muskets. Time to be summer soldiers.

— Will Parry