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The Power of One

A net growth of 275 new members in 2012. That’s a big, ambitious goal. A real challenge. Scary!

Don’t be scared. And forget the number 275 for a minute.

Focus instead on that one new member you, dear reader, are going to sign up this week. Today, if she’s available.

Whether our year’s growth objective is 275 or 2,750, the goal will be reached one member at a time.

With every active member focused on winning that one next new member, a goal that seemed far, far away suddenly becomes realizable.

So, dear reader, think small. Focus on the power of one. The next new member. That friend, neighbor, workmate, cousin or aunt. That person you met while waiting for that prescription, or for the bus, or at the coffee counter.

And by the way, don’t leave home without the Retiree Advocate. It’s a great persuader.

Your next new member, multiplied by a couple hundred folks just like you, puts us over the top.

Never, ever underestimate the power of one!

– Will Parry

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