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Waiting for the next burst of gunfire

By Will Parry

What do we do, as a nation, to address gun violence?

After the shock, the horror, the weeping families, the prayers, what do we as a nation actually do to address the issue?

PSARA has not taken a position on gun violence. The thoughts and feelings expressed here are those of the editor. We invite the comments of our members.

But again, what do we do? Do we simply wait for the next inevitable massacre, the work of the next sick and desperate individual, hoping it won’t happen in our home town?

Do we leave unchanged the laws that enable troubled loners to equip themselves with the slaughter weapons of modern warfare?

Do we accept the National Rifle Association’s interpretation of the Second Amendment? That each and every man and woman in the USA has the Constitutional right to buy, load and carry weapons up to and including an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle like the one that sprayed death in an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater? And to stockpile 6,000 rounds for that weapon?

The president of the United States, awakened the night of the Aurora shooting, issued a solemn statement, that “we must come together as one American family” and “have the people of Aurora in our thoughts and prayers.”

The Republican would-be president, Mitt Romney, assured the nation that he and his wife Ann were “deeply saddened” and “were praying for the families and loved ones of the victims.”

Is this leadership? To pray but avoid the core issue? To offer no program to check the insane proliferation of military weapons among our people?

Pray. Extend sympathy to the families. Cower before the NRA. And wait for the next wild burst of gunfire.

That burst will come. In the United States, guns claim 84 lives and wound nearly 300 men, women and children each and every day. USA Today reports that there are on average 20 mass shootings each year in our country.

No other country in the world can match such awful bloodshed.

Where is the program that addresses the human toll behind the statistics? Where is the leadership? Where is the political and moral courage?

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