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Wanted: Summer Soldiers

No, not the kind Tom Paine’s phrase made infamous – not the kind ready to desert the fight when the weather turns icy.

We’re talking about you – our members. We need your help to achieve our 2012 goal of 275 new members.  The year 2012 is half gone – in mid-June we’ve signed up just 84.

Do the math, Sisters and Brothers.  We need to double that pace, starting now – and we need to sustain it right on through autumn and the holiday season.

Gift memberships count. People of all ages that you sign up count. Any breathing human being counts who’s ready to come across with fifteen bucks for the best non-award winning newsletter in the state – maybe in the Northwest.

PSARA is getting a new name:  Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement ActionLet’s translate the word “action” into new members.

We’ve got a base of 1200 wonderful members.  It’s time to pump some juice into that old slogan:  “Every member get a member.”

Time to get off the couch, or the lawn chair, or the beach blanket.

Time to shoulder our muskets. Time to be summer soldiers.

— Will Parry

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