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Caregiving challenges

To the Editor:

Thank you for your very timely comments on the problems connected with memory loss in the older population.  I live in a senior residence in Bothell, and of course we have residents here with the problem.

I was a caretaker myself after my wife lost her leg, so we managed, transferring her from chair to bed, etc.  I washed her, helped her with her hair, took her where she needed to go, even to meetings.  We used Metro for a short time, then we got a conversion van and managed very well for a little more than three years before she died.

I still enjoy and learn from your monthly newsletter.  I wish you every good in all you do for our membership.

Cecil Harsh,

Happy in Mexico

To the Editor:

Just a few lines to let you know how the election was received here in Oaxaca.  The expat community, which is largely Democrat, were overjoyed.  Pauline and I felt a great sense of relief.  Romney was out to get those of us who need Medicare and Social Security.  Those Mexicans I have talked with, almost all middle-class English speakers, are very happy that Obama won.

Our family doctor here, who speaks flawless English (he got his medical degree at UCLA in the Sixties) has much the same left criticism of Obama that I have.  Obama’s support for the overthrow of the Honduran elected government by the army a few years ago put him in the same rank as past presidents as far as Latin America goes.  For some reason, people down here have a dislike of CIA-sponsored coups, invasions and bad trade agreements.

Our doctor sees Obama as one more imperialist, but he sees the Republicans as a bunch of dangerous nuts.  In this we are in complete agreement.  So even those who place their interests as Mexicans ahead of serving those of the U.S. are all smiles over the election.

Yours in Solidarity.

Alfredo Peppard 
Oaxaca, Mexico

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